We At The Pet Desk Wish To Help All Animals

pet guinea pig photo

Photo by Anxo Cunningham

With many animals in the wild at the point of extinction, it is a surprise when we say that humans are animal lovers. Although we may love the pets that we have, whether that be a dog, cat or small animal, our lifestyle these days mean that we use up a lot of the world’s resources, and this has a direct impact on animal habitat. Millions of trees are cut down every year for lumber and to make way for farmland. Few of them are replanted. We hunger for energy, and this means that we burn a lot of carbon fuels, which release greenhouse gases.

All in all, we really need to do more to help all of the animals on this planet, not just our own pets. This planet is only small, and once an animal has gone, it has gone forever. We have already lost many species over the last century due to mankind, with the most famous being the Dodo. It is time that we all helped to save those that remain, and protect the lands they live on. This may seem impossible, but if everyone recycled, saved electric, drove efficient vehicles, and a number of other things, it would all add up to something worthwhile.

So, rather than sitting around thinking that you can do nothing to save the planet, the truth is, you can. Eat organic food, buy recycled or sustainable products, eat only farmed fish, the list of things you can do is long. When it comes to your own pet, make sure that it is always healthy, the first sign of a problem, take it to a vet. If you think it may have something serious wrong with it, and you are not happy with the vet, take it to another for a second opinion. Sometimes this can help find a problem the first one missed.

Every animal should be cared for, whether it is wild or a domesticated. If you want to do more, then support your local animal charity in some way, while to help the wild animals, you can join something like the World Wildlife Fun. Take steps today to make the world a better place for all life.