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Orthopaedic4Pet è un brand Nutripet, azienda attiva sul mercato nazionale da oltre 10 anni. Decine di clienti soddisfatti acquistano da noi ogni giorno! Scopri perché.


Orthopaedic4Pet is a trademark of Nutripet, a company active on international market for over 10 years. Dozens of satisfied customers shop with us every day! Find out why.

                       Oggetto/Item:BT NECK – Collare Rigido per Gatti
                                   BT NECK – Rigid Neck Brace for CatCondizione/Condition:                                Nuovo/New                                Video:       Confezione Originale/Original Packaging:                                    Si/Yes                                                          The rigid neck brace prevents the cat from biting the part ofthe body that has undergone surgery. This means it cannot removethe sutures or ingest medications applied to the wound.In particular, the neck brace protects the chest, belly andsides. Also the proximal areas of the foreleg (including the elbow)are made difficult to access, as is the perianal area (inthe case of removal of the anal glands, fistulas and similaroperations).When worn, the neck brace does not affect the dog’s normalvision and allows it to take its food normally.
FEATURESWaterproof breathable fabric (in case of rain).Excellent wearability.Easier to attach than the Elizabethan collar.Hand washable.Can be attached to a harness for transporting the dog.Less invasive than the Elizabethan collar.Customisable.
Recommendations for use
During the period of restraint, it is advisable not to leavethe cat alone for too long, because it might try to removethe brace, by scratching it.For proper use, the brace must be well tightened aroundthe neck, to prevent it from migrating.

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Only $66.99
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