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Dine a Chook Drinker & Feeder Sets - the ORIGINAL Dine a Chook – Now even Better! 
All New Red Base Mini Feeder – 100% Australian Made

If you are looking for a feeder and drinker set for your chickens, then look no further. Become our next happy customer and find out why Thousands of our feeders are in Backyards all over the world. 
Your package will include: 
1 x Feeder (RED BASE) – holds approximately 3kg of feed. Measures 50cm tall. Featuring our all-new carry handle, our patent pending new vertical and horizontal paddles to eliminate waste, heavy duty molded rear hooks and our new hood gutter, which eliminates the need for an additional rain cover. No training required!. Guaranteed Feed Savings! 
1 x Drinker - holds 4 litres of water and measures 50cm tall, with the ‘exclusive NEW style’ yellow float drinker cup. An Australian made upgrade that outperforms the regular lubing cup in terms of how much water it holds. You can find out more about our Blue and Pink Floats below. Available upon request. No additional charge!
2 x Lids – Compare our lids to other products found on eBay and in the marketplace. With other products, you require two hands to carry the feeder. Our lids simply lock into position. This allows you to easily carry the feeder and drinker with just one hand or one in each hand. A great feature! 
Rear Hooks – Originally we screwed on a rear hook and you will notice that other brands still do this. Now, our super strong hooks are part of the main body on both the drinker and the feeder. They are extremely strong and it also means that there are no rusty screws penetrating through the body of the feeder and drinker. No potential leaks, no chance of coming loose!  
4 x Solid Wall Brackets – Your pack includes 8 ‘custom made’ steel brackets. Designed specifically to suit our feeder and drinker. We also throw in the screws and a drill bit at no extra cost!
There is a wide range of feeders and drinkers on the market today. Notably on eBay you will find a number of copies of our original design. If you have seen our original Dine a Chook you will appreciate the improvements we have made with our new updated model feeder and drinker. 

You can be assured that you are buying a product that is a result of rigorous ‘ongoing’ testing and development and countless hours of ‘real world’ trial and error. Ask your self, What am I looking for? An imported feeder and drinker that will undoubtedly break, perish in the sun and simply not do the job or will I buy a ‘purpose built’, Australian Engineered and manufactured Feeder and drinker that guarantees to Save Money by eliminating feed waste and provide many years of hassle free use?

THE DRINKER – Our new 4 Litre Drinker sets a new benchmark for quality, reliability and features. Our Patent pending carry handle is a wonderful addition that you will come to truly appreciate. You can carry our drinker with one hand. Also note that we no longer use PVC Glue for assembly as seen on other products that use common PVC pipe and dust caps. We devised a new method to seal our drinker. Many of our customers used to comment on the over powering smell of the PVC Glue vapor. This new ‘Glue Free’ product is just one of the many innovations you will appreciate.

THE FEEDER - This is a true ‘NO WASTE FEEDER’ how did we do it? By studying how chickens eat. We went as far as setting up a Go Pro camera so that we could see exactly what was happening and how we could control it. With our patent pending horizontal and vertical paddles found inside the opening of the feeder the chicken simply cannot pull feed from the unit. With the horizontal paddle we have also eliminated the tendency for the chicken to swipe side to side. By mounting the feeder at the birds neck height, or close to, like us….You will waste absolutely NO FEED 

With so many imported products on the market, as a family owned Townsville based company, we decided that it was important to also support other Australian businesses. It is for this reason that we undertook the engineering, development and now the production of our new products with a Brisbane based Injection Moulding Company. The production of these parts is truly amazing, and the quality is what you would expect from two Aussie companies committed to representing their business and products to customers all over the world. Hand assembly is still carried out in Townsville where we can maintain a very high level of quality control.
All parts are made from high grade PVC. Not only is this material UV stable but it is also super strong and will outlast any other feeder and drinker on the market.

‘Exclusive’ features…
When we built the first Dine a Chook, ‘only 4 years ago’…We knew that this was only the beginning. For our family, this product and the ongoing ambition to provide the worlds best feeding and drinking systems for backyard chicken keepers has become somewhat…an obsession!. Every design element in our products has a purpose. Take a close look at the leading edge of the moulded rear hooks, the method in which the parts go together, the rain gutter, the locking lid and the handle. All of these elements are a result of our ongoing commitment to produce a quality product that works.

You can mount these feeders and drinkers anywhere – On wire mesh, a solid timber fence or a steel post. 
Clean water and NO algae – If you have ever owned any other drinker for your chickens you will know that algae build up in the water is just awful. You will never have this problem with a Dine a Chook drinker. The cups require ‘no training’ and only a simple flush on occasion under running water will ensure many years of hassle free clean water for your chickens. 
What about the Blue Float – Is it really important?
First and foremost, you should understand that it is scientifically ‘proven’ that chickens are attracted to ‘RED’ and ‘YELLOW’ after all, this is why Lubing, the worlds leading manufacturer of commercial poultry drinkers use exclusively red and yellow drinker components.
It is claimed by other businesses who sell Lubing Cups that your chickens need the ‘NEW STYLE DRINKER CUP’. This is only partially true. The difference is simply the back of the float. It is slightly thicker which in turn allows more water into the cup. 

Dine a chook produces 3 different colour floats. Yellow, Blue and Pink. The Blue and the pink are purely cosmetic and should not be looked upon as a feature or necessity. Our preference is still to use Yellow in line with Lubing, who are undoubtedly the world authority on this topic. Once again, this upgraded part is ‘Made in Australia’. We now upgrade every cup that we sell.

Customer Feedback – Just some of the many comments from our Ebay and website customers.

Recent Feedback – 20th June 2015
Testimonial – Dine A Chook feeders – working so well for my small Silkie Bantams attached temporarily here while I adjust height required. They can all feed with the food dropping down the feeder and no spillage to ground. Stayed dry inside during recent rain. Put some fresh sweet corn in to get them interested as some of these birds were not used to a feeder as they were rescued from total neglect in a small cage with no food apart from what they threw on the ground, so getting these birds used to using a feeder took bribery initially. Now all are happy to put their head right down the back of feeder. I love the carry handle and twist lock lid. These are far better than the Other brand widely available on eBay . I will be changing my feeders/drinkers now to Dine A Chook. My set up here includes an automatic chicken door opener and on far right of roof a white battery sensor led light to deter night foxes/cats, combined with a range of Dine A Chook products, my birds set up is complete.

Perfect for Ducks also

…I was a bit sceptical that i was spending a fair bit of money because i was to lazy to refresh the water every day . Now i realise that my chickens never have to eat feed that’s had rats in it or water that’s not clean. I can go away for a weekend and know they are being fed, well worth the money. 
…I really love this feeder! Absolutely no waste, no mess & my chooks wasted no time in working out how to use it. Best of all the wild birds can’t use it and neither can rats! Thanks for making such a wonderful product AND for keeping the price reasonable too. 
…This product is the best. The chooks took to it straight away. Mess free, fuss free. We only have a small run so space is at a premium. This product keeps the feed up and out of the way. Easy to access to top up the feed. Love it!! 
…I purchased the feeder and waterer as a kit. Was very easy to set up by myself (on wooden fence), using the instructions provided through the website. No mess, no fuss and very sturdy. Excellent postage and packaging too 
…If only I had this years ago, I am saving so much feed, it used to be all over the ground and the pigeons would go crazy! No we have almost no pigeons and pretty much no wastage either. Fantastic products,
…Having debated for weeks before buying a chook feeder online. I am so glad we brought this one. No bird or rat problems anymore. and well priced. Delivery was quick to. thanks very much : 

…Since I have been using my dineachook for the last couple of months my mouse problem has all but gone away. Before i brought it I reckon I was feeding a thousand mice, I used to see them in the day time, now all I see is the occasional mouse dropping. My food bill savings will soon pay for this feeder. Well done Biggin. 
…As i said great product which is based on a simple idea. No sharp edges and well made. Look forward to using them and having happy chooks that eat 99% of their food

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Only $71.95
Purchase with confidence from eBay